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Keto Kerri EDTA

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Keto Kerri EDTA helps with detoxification of heavy metals in the body and brain. 


Health Benefits:

  •  Cardiovascular System
  •  Detoxification 
  •  Lowers blood pressure
  •  Kidney Stones Issues
  •  Memory Loss




  • selenium (sodium selenite) – 0.004mg
  • sodium (sodium chloride) – 0.196mg
  • potassium (potassium chloride) – 0.520mg
  • citric acid – 3mg
  • sodium bicarbonate – 3mg
  • EDTA – 2mg 



Begin with 2 drops 3 times a day before meals. Increase over time until a maximum of 20 to 30 drops 3 times a day is reached. May be added to spring water if extra minerals are desired.


FORMULA (per 1 ml) EDTA™ Bio-Chelat
Selenium (mg) 0.004 0.004
Sodium (mg) 0.196 0.196
Potassium (mg) 0.52 0.52
Citric Acid (mg) 3 3
Sodium Bicarbonate (mg) 3 3
EDTA (mg) 2 2
COST (US dollar) EDTA™ Bio-Chelat
Bottle Size (ml) 120 100
Per Bottle $34.95 $39.95
Per 1 ml $0.29 $0.40
This comparison has converted all pricing to US dollars. Pricing does not include shipping if applicable.




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