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Our Starter Herb Cleanse and Detox Kit is designed for people starting a new cleanse and are wanting to start a detox program.  The package includes Sea Moss and Bladderwrack Blend, Mighty Gut, Iron Punch and Mighty Colon. Read up on each item by clicking on the item itself.  Each bag contains specific number of capsules is made from wildcrafted organic herbs.


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3 Reviews

Susan 2019 Oct 17th

Great detox kit!!!

Holy these kits work fast! They are also very effective. I wanted to try something raw plant based and these kits are incredible. My bloat is gone and my energy level way up. I honestly can’t believe what came out when I did the colon cleanse. I will definitely be ordering these kits again. Everyone should try these amazing kits they work super fast and you feel great. The bonus is they are all plant based these are the best kits I’ve ever tried so far. Can’t wait to try all your kits.

Dean 2019 Jul 14th

I feel great!

Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel it for a few days….then WHOA!! It was like bam, now I know what they mean by cleanse. I was the type of person that only had a bowel movement maybe every 3 days. I heard this is not the healthiest thing. Keeping toxins in the body for days can be detrimental to my health overtime. Now, I am regular and have been having poops that I had when I was a kid (long long time), solid and soft. I believe I pooped out a worm even (long jelly thing yuck). This stuff is amazing and working fast. I feel great. I will stay on the sea moss to maintain.

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